Flexible Bath Dog Tool & Comb Cleaning Massage

$28.45 $56.90

Bathing Has Never Been This Fun! 

Your dog’s hair acts like a rug, trapping dirt, bacteria, fungi, and allergens. Allergens are foreign proteins such as dander, dust mites, saliva from the dog licking himself, bug droppings, molds, and tree and grass pollens. These allergens stay on your dog’s skin and hair until they are washed away. The longer they stay there, the more likely they are to cause your dog to itch. And if you or any family members suffer from allergies, your dog’s skin and hair will contribute to your discomfort until the allergens are washed away.

The Bath Dog Tool & Comb Cleaning Massage will remove dirt and odor, keeping your furry friend healthy, and remember is recommend bathing your dog at least weekly whenever he gets dirty or smelly.


  • HIGH QUALITY – The Bathing glove made of high elasticity silicone, silicone tips provide gentle relaxing massage, and it is more durable.
  • AMAZING BENEFITS - The Bath Dog Tool & Comb Cleaning Massage will be reduced shedding, allergies (yours and there’s), strengthen bond with your dog and will keep monitoring his health. The bathing glove can be operated entirely with one hand, making it easy to use both hands to control your pet, reach for soap/towels and toggle the flow of water.
  • GREAT PAY ACCESORIE – Excellent to promote the strength bond with you and friend furry, and clean dogs are less likely to cause people to suffer unnecessarily from allergies and other respiratory problems.


    • Material - Plastic
    • Plastic Type - ABS

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