Rex's Adorable Toothbrusth Toy

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 Adorable Toothbrush Chew Toy

Rex's Adorable Toothbrusth Toy is designed as a tool that cleans the dog’s tooth while is chewing and gives your dog control of its own dental health every day.  Lather it with toothpaste on it and let them brush by themselves. This Dog Toothbrush Toy is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. It is strong enough to withstand dog bites and chews and is of higher quality and longer life. Encourage your pet to clean his teeth every day to prevent serious health problems.

Pet Dog Toothbrush Toy is keeping your dog's mouth healthy and fresh, you can play more and intimately with your cute dog, and with the Chew Toy, your buddy will no longer be alone, no longer anxious, and will be every day in a happy mood. The rubber material is very easy to clean and also can be cleaned in the dishwasher. To keep the brush stick clean, we suggest cleaning it before and after dogs chew it.
  • Better material makes it more sturdy and will not be chewed off easily.
  •  Soft designed to be safe for your dog's gums, and it will not hurt your dog's health.
  • It helps them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.
  •  It is designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth.
  • The toothbrush can be 360 degrees all-around teeth cleaning in your dog's mouth deeply.
  •  Includes a stable base to make it easier for your pet to hold the toothbrush.
  • 1 Set x Rex's Christmas Warm Knit Hat
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