Rex’s Favorite Non-Slip Dirt-trapping Door Mat

Super Absorbant Magic Door Mat
Are you tired of tracking in dirt, water and mud after playing with your pet outside? Do you find yourself tripping on loose mats when you try to wipe your feet? Check out our non-slip dirt-trapping door mat! This is the perfect mat for the entryway in our home because our dog Rex is constantly wanting to play in the mud outside. When we come in, we simply wipe our shoes on this fluffy mat and we never track dirt inside the house!
With a sticky backing, this door mat always stays in place. It is incredibly water absorbent and the polyester catches unwanted dirt particles so you never see them on the floor. These mats are the perfect addition to any living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, hallway, or entrance! This is available in two colors, coffee or black for your design preference. You can select from two size options, 46x70cm or 60x90cm. You can take this to the dry cleaners or use a carpet cleaning agent to thoroughly clean it before its next use. 
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Select your favorite from our two colors: coffee brown or black. The neutral color options will look great in your home or business!
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Available in two different sizes, 46x70cm or 60x90cm. These can be placed all over your home to ensure your floors are squeaky clean!
  • DURABLE - This mat is made with the highest quality materials, and the polyester fabric is incredibly soft on your feet.
  • NON-SLIP - The sticky non-slip back keeps it in place all of the time and you never need to worry about dangerous trips when entering or exiting your home.
  • 1 x Rex’s Favorite Non-Slip Dirt-trapping Door Mat
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