Rex’s Favorite Jogging Leash

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Rex’s Favorite Hands-Free Jogging Leash with Belt

One perk to having an energetic pet like Rex is the exercise that comes along with him! We love taking Rex out for long runs with this new hands-free reflective jogging leash with a wearable belt. Built for comfort and safety, this leash has a length-adjustable belt with a strong dual bungee spring design to safely absorb pulling from dogs up to 150 pounds.A typical leash with no spring design can put unwanted strain on both you and your dog leading to injury. The double elastic design of this hands-free jogging leash allows your dog to play happily while you use your hands and arms for other important tasks, such as accessing your phone, taking a sip of water, or carrying important items across town while your pup tags along, safely, and securely.

  • ADJUSTABLE - This leash will work with any size pet, and the wearable belt is length adjustable to fit all pet owners comfortably.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Available in Blue, Orange, and Green.
  • SAFETY FIRST - This leash has a reflective design to keep your pet safe while walking outside at night. A no-pull nylon handle allows you to hold on and control your pet at any time.
  • CONVENIENCE - Talk about multi-tasking! This leash ensures safety and comfort for both you and your pet, with a hands-free design to let you use your hands for other important tasks while your dog runs and plays safely.
  •   1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Jogging Leash
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