Rex's Furries Friends Hammocks

$13.99 $27.98

Kitten & Cat Soft Hanging Pet Hammock for Rex’s Feline Friends

Rex is a big dog, so he is stuck lounging in the usual places—the floor, mostly, or when he sneaks onto the couch. But his feline friends can be much more creative with their hangouts—literally! This soft hanging pet hammock is perfect for all of Rex’s kitty friends to snuggle into a cozy spot that is secluded from the rest of the household.

 Cats are independent animals by nature, so sometimes they like to hide and be sneaky about where they relax. This soft hanging pet hammock can attach underneath nearly any four-legged structure, such as a table or a chair or a stool, and give cats the privacy they love. The best part is that this hanging pet hammock is built with heavy-duty latches so it can hold small pets of any kind safely!

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