Rex’s Favorite Portable Food Measuring Scoop

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Portable Pet Food Measuring Scoop
Without a doubt, Rex’s favorite time of the day is when he hears his bowl being filled with a fresh scoop of food. Rex would eat as much food as we gave him—no questions asked! However, because we want to make sure he always stays healthy, we wanted to find the right portable pet food measuring scoop to ensure he was eating the right amount of food at each meal. Feeding a dog or cat healthy foods is important, but feeding them the right amount of healthy food is just as important. This portable pet food measuring scoop ensures you are always feeding them exactly what will keep them full and fit. With an electronic screen, measuring the amount of food could not be easier so you are consistently feeding your pet the right size serving. This scoop could not be easier to use!
  • EASY TO USE - Using is as simple as putting in the battery, connecting the handle to the scooper, and then turning it on with the push of a button.
  • ACCURATE MEASURING - The electronic screen easily measures the weight of the food and quickly calculates it right on the screen.
  • PORTABLE - Despite a large scooper, this portable pet food measuring scoop is easily portable and taken wherever you need to go.
  • HIGH CAPACITY - Using food-grade materials, this 250mL scooper is large enough for virtually any cat or dog


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Portable Food Measuring Scoop
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