Rex's Favorite GPS Tracker

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GPS Pet Tracker Smart Finder for Airtags Accessories
When it comes to the simple task of walking Rex’s, technology comes into play making a huge difference. Sometimes he can wander away when off the leash. If he sees a cat or another dog, he may break free and take off after his furry friends. This can be a huge concern for every pet owner when it comes to walking their dog.  Especially for those with big dogs that they struggle to contain. Our dogs get distracted very easily and while exercising is a much-needed thing in a dog’s life it doesn’t have to be a difficult as it is for some pet owners when their dog decides to disappear. But don’t stress about getting a search, with the technology it is now simple to find your lost furry member. By using a GPS tracking device, you can find the location quite quickly. If your friendly dog is on the move, you can have someone keep track of their movements while you follow their directions.

  • COMPACT & LIGHT DESIGN - Low Energy Consumption Alarm
  • ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE - Replaceable CR2032 battery is guaranteed for one year from activation, you can easily replace it yourself.
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN - Bluetooth 4.0 technology, low power consumption and the effective range is up to 25m.
  • COMPATIBILITY - You can check the map location when you disconnect the anti-loss device on your phone; support iOS system and Android 4.3 or higher.
  • 1 x Rex's Favorite GPS Tracker for Airtag Accessories
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