Rex's Amazing Scratch Protector

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Amazing Furniture Scratch Protector Pads
Rex's Amazing Scratch Protector is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, flexible, and clear vinyl with harmless to the body of people and pets. It is very easy to install, no complex steps or tools and is self-adhesive, and can thus neatly be applied without any issues. Furniture Protector Pad has been designed to be long-lasting as well as to resist damages caused by pets and through wear and tear. Besides, protector sheets are made of non-toxic premium vinyl, which cannot harm your family in any way.
You can easily cover a full section of your sofa upholstery with few sheets and prevent your cat from scratching around the pad. Furniture Scratch's Protector Pads are will not stay a long time to damage your furniture and will back to his scratcher to play. our Furniture Protector's tapes are completely transparent and imperceptible. Help train your cats and dogs away from your couch, chair, curtains, sofa, and such furniture because cats dislike the sticky feeling of the cat anti-scratch deterrent tape on their paws.
  • Made from non-toxic transparent vinyl, which is harmless to cats and people
  • It is very useful and easy to use
  •  Furniture protectors from cats are necessary to guard your investment and give you peace of mind
  • With the best glue adhesive, furniture protectors from cats tape adhesive have no impurities
  •  Enables you to train your pets without sacrificing the furniture, delicate wood surfaces
  •  It has passed quality certification to ensure it is healthy and safe for the family

  • 1 x Set Rex's Amazing Scratch Protector
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