Rex’s Favorite Ultrasonic Anti-Bark

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Neighbors are complaining about someone is barking all the time ??

Rex’s Favorite Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Training Device for Dogs 

Historically, dogs bark for many reasons. They bark to communicate, to let you know when they need something, to alert you of possible intruders—sometimes just because they are excited or scared. Sometimes, however, dog barks seem like they are completely out of control. We have seen it with some of Rex’s friends. The best way to silence those needless barks? Introduce this new ultrasonic anti-bark training device for dogs.
We joke that it’s Rex’s least favorite because the anti-bark training device is teaching him to go against his natural instinct to bark, but it’s important to train dogs properly so that they are only barking when it is necessary—not during your Zoom work meetings or every time a rival neighbor dog walks by. With this anti-bark training device, you will get the peace and quiet back, and your furry friend won’t even notice their change inhabits.


  •  HIGH -TECH - The innovative technology sends out an ultrasonic signal when it hears your dog barking, which alerts the dog that it should stop.
  • HUMANE - There is no reason to shock your dog—the ultrasonic signal is a safe and humane way to train your dog to stop barking.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - The device couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug it in and let it work!
  • FLEXIBLE TRAINING - This anti-bark training device works with dogs of all ages and sizes—one size fits all!
  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Ultrasonic Anti-Bark
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