Cleaning Teeth Cat Snacks Matatabi Chew Catnip Stick

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Cat Cleaning Teeth Sticks made with 100% natural Matatabi material and it is perfect for health and safety. It senses and helps the cat promote exercise and gastrointestinal peristalsis to stay healthy. And Promotes dental hygiene and oral care for cats by removing plaque. Each stick is perfectly sized and can be reused many times. Appear drooling and rolling on the ground situation is somewhat similar to the way heat or sprinkle arrogance, wooden cat's day very few natural stimulants

This Cleaning Teeth Cat Sticks simply give the treat to your cat to chew, your cat will show amusing and funny behavior and become super playful. The effect is similar to that of catnip. Its Matatabi is a rare healthy natural stimulant. Your kitty will love the softwood texture that helps promote healthy teeth and gums as she chews away.

  • For 80% of types of cats, kittens, and adults.
  • Made with 100% natural Matatabi Silvervine sticks,
  • Without additives or preservatives, healthy and safe for your pets.
  • Exfoliating dental plaque build-ups on their teeth while cats chewing these sticks better dental health.
  • Use a knife to cut off the skin, exposing the white, suitable for cat molar.
  • Matatabi both relax and ease the pressure to enhance vitality, increase appetite, prevent diabetes, stable blood pressure effect.


    • 1 x 15/20 PCS Natural Catnip Toothpaste Stick

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