Clip Funny Slingshot Rod Dog Selfie Stick

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Dog Selfie Attachment Ball is a unique patented design, stretch the flexible silicone case over any smartphone device or outer case. Once connected, flip back our viscous nano-suction cup, add the dog treat connection, and press contra any surface.  The Powerful iPhone Pet Selfie Stick will safely fasten your phone to any surface with glass, windows, leather, metal, mirrors, tile, and walls consolidate you can take the best photos of your pooch.

The Pet Selfie Stick is a smartphone attachment, easily install on any mobile phone and its light. The Slingshot Dog-Selfie-Stick can also be used for Pet expedition training or Mobile phone holder. It is made of high-quality new environmentally friendly abs material, which is strong and wearable. This flexible neck allows you to adjust to any aspect, utilizing the front and rear-facing camera.

  • High-quality new environmentally friendly abs material
  • Pet selfie stick is compatible with iPhones, androids & tablets, clearances for front & rear-facing cameras
  • Pet selfie stick is a smartphone attachment, easily install on any mobile phone and it is portable
  • Our pet selfie stick takes advantage of a dog's natural draw and focuses on a tennis ball
  • Allows you to adjust to any aspect
  • You can take perfect portrait pictures with your lovely pets


    • Size: 6X8cm
    • Material: Silicone
    • Dimensions: 15cm/6"
    • Feature: Portable, Funny Slingshot function
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