Comfort And Flex Retractable Pet Walking Leash

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The Flexible Webbing Strap uses a nylon ribbon that is both lightly colored and reflective. With a flat shape, this leash will not bunch or snag on anything making it much safer for you and your dog. This buckle is attached with a sturdy reinforced plastic attachment, so you do not have to worry about it coming off. It also looks different from many of the other options on the market. Retractable Pet Walking Leash offer far more in terms of benefits, ease of use, and functionality. It ensures reliable/comfortable handling during each walk and provides space for the dog to move and explore, without restricting the safe control of the dog.

Nylon Retractable Leashes can swing a full 360-degrees around the handle without getting caught or tangled. The handle is coated in non-slip rubber and has an ergonomic design that prevents hand fatigue. The control button is close to your hand so that you can quickly lock the leash and release it when you need to. A perfect spring for smoothly retracting dog leashes while you will not hurt yourself.

  • It adopts a unique design to help you reuse when the strap is bitten or has some problems.
  • You can push the button all the way down to lock the leash or click the button back to easily reel your dog back in. It will remain locked as long as the button is pressed.
  • This Retractable Leash works for powerful large dogs, as well as medium-sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom while under your control.
  • No noise design made for daily use.
  • Its reliable lock system gives you full control enabling instant retraction of your dog when needed
  • Provides an enjoyable walking experience with your pets and you don't worry about the dog leash will hurt your hand when the dog runs about madly.


  • Dog Leash TypeRetractable Leashes
  • MateriaNylon
  • Feature- Reflective & Quick Release
  • Size- 3m, 5m,  5m plus
  • Color- Gray Blue Purple Rose Orange Green

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