Rex’s Snuffle Mat™

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Rex’s Favorite Intelligent Feeding Mat
If there is one thing Rex loves, it is seeing a full dog bowl. Almost as quickly as we filled it, he would devour it. Like any dog owner, we love our Rex and worried that he was eating too quickly—that could not possibly be good for him. To keep him from choking, we introduced Rex to a new intelligent slow feeding dog mat.
 He immediately loved it! Now we want to share this anti-choking,  slow-feeding dog mat with the world! This ingenious mat means Rex can eat his food at a slower pace, which allows him to avoid choking and an upset stomach, while also better digesting his food. To top it off, Rex loves watching us fill the mat because he knows there is a fun and delicious challenge ahead!  

  • NATURAL FORAGING - Dogs are natural foragers. This mat allows them to tap into their instinct while getting all the nutrients they need to live a happy and healthy life.
  • FOOD & FUN - Who says feeding time needs to be boring? This slow-feeding dog mat turns dinner time into playtime!
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Made with soft, environmentally friendly materials, this feeding mat is safe and can be easily washed.
  • FLEXIBLE SIZE - Depending on the size of your dog and how quickly they eat, this slow-feeding dog mat is flexible enough to take a traditional bowl shape or lay flat for easier food access. When your dog is done eating, simply roll it into a ball and easily store it.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Coming in four different colors that reflect common dog bowls, choose between red, yellow, green, or brown for your dog.
  •  1 Set x Rex’s Snuffle Mat™
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