Rex’s Feline Friends Swing Hanging Basket

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Luxury Hand-Woven Cat Hammock for Rex’s Feline Friends
Let’s not kid ourselves—when it comes to our cats, we want to pamper them as much as possible. That is why this luxury, hand-woven cat hammock is the perfect gift for your kitty. This high-quality cat hammock easily and securely hangs from any ceiling, giving your cat a cozy spot to curl up and relax—as if they need more relaxation in their lives!
 Rex, of course, is jealous. He wishes he could jump up into a cat hammock—but if we tried to hang a hammock his size, he would bring the whole ceiling down! Instead, he must lie down and watch his feline friends jump up into their comfortable throne and look down at the poor dogs who cannot join them.FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • CAT LUXURY - Cats are prestigious creatures. Indulge them with this luxurious cat hammock that will surely make them feel like cat royalty.
  •  HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Hand-woven from the strongest fibers, this cat hammock can hang safely in any room, so you never have to worry.
  •  CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - This cat hammock comes in both traditional white yarn and a blue-patterned yarn if you want to liven it up.
  •  CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Ranging from 40cm X 121cm to 50cm X 155cm, this cat hammock fits cats of all shapes and sizes.
  •  1 Set x Swing Hanging Basket for Rex’s Feline Friends
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