Rex's Creative Cat Color Mug

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Creative Sesame Cat Heat-Resistant Mug Color Cartoon With Lid

Sometimes we get carried away with all of Rex’s favorite toys and treats that we realize we need to step back and have something for the humans too. This one is in honor of all of Rex’s little cat friends and their owners. Everyone needs a good, quality, heat-resistant cat mug to keep their coffee, tea, or hot cocoa warm while they watch their cat pounce around the living room. There are two main problems with most mugs. The first is that they are too hot to hold. The second is that all the heat escapes out the top, so the drink cools down too quickly. This heat-resistant cat mug solves both of those problems. Because it is made from high-quality ceramic, the mug holds all of the heat inside, making it comfortable to hold. And because it comes with a cute matching cat lid, none of the heat will escape out the top either, so your drink will remain warm as long as you are sipping it.

  • HEAT-RESISTANT - Made with the highest quality ceramic, this cat mug is heat-resistant and is never too hot to hold.
  • COMES WITH LID - Too often our hot drinks cool off before we are able to finish them. Because this heat-resistant cat mug comes with a matching lid, all of the
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Blue, yellow, pink, purple—there is a color for everyone’s taste!
  •  1 x Rex's Creative Cat Color Mug 
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