Rex’s Favorite Mini Portable Fur Shaver

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Lint Remover Clothes Fuzz Shaver

Do you have a very lovable pet who is purrrfect in every way, except for how much they shed? Are you constantly having to wipe pet fur from your furniture and clothing to no avail? Well look no further - we have the perfect product for you, and it’s Rex tested and approved! This mini fur shaver is small and compact for easy storage on the go, and it has an ergonomic wooden handle for comfort and easy use. This is lightweight and comfortable so you don’t need to worry about fatigue while using it, no matter how much fur you have to wipe off!
This fur shaver has a wide mouth to cover a large surface area, catching a lot of pet hair with each swipe on your clothes. This design has a metal cylinder wire to easily catch pet hair and debris without damaging your clothing or furniture. This is great for any fabric, even thick wool! You no longer have to carry loads of clothes to the dry cleaners after just one wear. Now you can easily swipe and clean your clothing at home or on the go with this convenient and compact fur shaving brush!              `
  • COMFORT - This brush has an ergonomic design with a wide mouth opening so you don’t have to use multiple strokes. Just a few swipes and your clothes are as good as new!
  • CONVENIENCE - The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and go! Never worry about carrying pet fur along with you on your clothing. You have a quick and easy option for cleaning your clothes!
  • EASY TO USE - With a simple design, you, your little one, or an elderly family member can easily operate this brush and clean your clothing to remove unwanted pet hair.
  • DURABLE - The metal circular blade design catches all stubborn hairs from even the thickest types of clothing.
  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Mini Portable Fur Shaver
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