Rex’s Favorite Automatic Ball Launcher

$38.99 $77.98

 Rex’s Favorite Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

 Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun! Just ask Rex. Since he began using his new automatic ball launcher for dogs, he has been able to not only stay in outstanding shape but also is having a blast doing it.

 Perhaps the best part about this automatic ball launcher for dogs is that it works without you needing to toss a new ball each time. The unique design allows you to put the tennis ball inside, and then depending on the setting you choose, the machine will automatically shoot a ball out at a specific speed so that your dog can chase it down. Use it to train your dog, get them some exercise, or just to bring some additional joy into their lives. Your dog will surely thank you for getting them a fun and interactive new toy!


🐾Interactive Fun: The refillable automatic ball launcher for dogs will allow your dog to play fetch all day long, keeping them active and having fun.
🐾Multiple Speeds: Shoot the ball at multiple distances to keep your dog guessing or to increase the amount of exercise they get.
🐾Any Tennis Ball: The machine fits any standard size tennis ball, so there is no need to spend extra money on any specialty equipment.
🐾High-Quality: This automatic ball launcher for dogs is made with the highest-quality plastic and electric parts to ensure not only that it is safe and fun, but also that it lasts time and time again.


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