Rex’s Sled Weight Pulling Harnesses

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Dog Weight Training Pulling Harnesses 
We are fortunate enough that our Rex is built to be an exceptionally strong dog. But even strong dogs can improve to be even more agile and powerful with the right training. And the same goes for dogs that are potentially looking for that unique training to get them to the next level. If you and your dog are serious about increasing speed and strength and potentially even competing in various competition events around the country, then this adjustable dog training harness is a requirement. Because it is adjustable, it will grow with your dog’s strength, so you will never have to worry about needing a new one! The high-intensity training that this adjustable dog training harness provides will leave you with unmatched results, and this harness is constructed from the strongest materials so that you never have to worry about putting it through the wringer—that is its specialty! 


  • ADJUSTABLE - Being adjustable means this training harness can grow with your dog, so as they fully mature or gain strength, they can continue to use it for training.
  • BUILT FOR STRENGTH - Only the strongest dogs, or those who wish to become the strongest, can handle this adjustable dog training harness.
  • UNMATCHED RESULTS - Looking to take your dog’s skills to the next level? Tools like this adjustable dog training harness are what makes that happen.
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Made from only the highest quality materials, this adjustable dog training harness will last a lifetime.
  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Adjustable Dog Training Harness
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