Rex's Adorable Toothbrusth Toy

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 Adorable Toothbrush Chew Toy
The Molar Cleaning Toothbrush Toy is designed as a tool that cleans the dog’s teeth while it is chewing and gives your Rex control of its own dental health every day. You can add toothpaste inside for deep and thorough teeth cleaning. This pet toy can let the pet brush its teeth for a healthy and clean mouth. Removes bad breath and cleans the mouth. It is made of environment-friendly plastic, which is healthier to use. Bite-resistant, soft material, will make your pet's gums feel comfortable.
The overall design of our Toothbrush reaches deep areas, cleaning the jaw-line of any unwanted plaque as well. Our dog toothbrush is available in various sizes for small, and large dogs. Hygiene and health are two of the most important things that need to be constant not just in our life but in our pets too. Adorable chewing toy for your dog when they feel boring. Distract the attention of your dog when you are working at home.
  •  SAFE NATURAL MATERIAL - Our dog toothbrush is made of natural PLASTIC. It’s soft, bite resistant, eco-friendly, and, best of all, non-toxic for pets & us.
  • PERFECT DESIGN - Designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth. It will not hurt your dog's health and help them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.
  • UPDATED VERSION OF DOG TOOTHBRUSH - The newly developed cleaning channel and 3D curved molars ensure more effective cleaning of pet's teeth and improve the effect of molars.
  • 360° CLEANING - The toothbrush can be 360 degrees all-around teeth cleaning in your dog's mouth deeply.
    • 1 x Rex's Adorable Toothbrush Toy
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