Rex’s Favorite Electric Flea-Removal

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Rex’s Favorite Electric Flea-Removal Doggie Comb
It’s not Rex’s fault he has so much hair, but the fleas certainly love to try to burrow their way into the thick fur of dogs like Rex. When they do, it is important to remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible, before they can wreak havoc on your dog’s skin and make them severely itchy and uncomfortable. This new electric flea-removal doggie comb was designed to do just that—remove pesky fleas from dog hair quickly and gently, so your dog can stop the scratching and get back to playing.
 The secret is in the electric vacuum technology and the fine comb teeth. While the teeth go to work gently scraping the fleas off of the dog’s hair follicles, the suction from the vacuum sends the fleas into a container that can then be emptied in a safe location. And just like that, this electric flea-removal doggie comb has your dog feeling back to 100%!


  • ELECTRIC – POWERED - The vacuum suction on this device ensures that they will be gone for good once the fleas are removed.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY - Fleas and lice cause several issues with dogs, not the least of which is severe itching and skin irritation. This electric flea-removal doggie comb is the safe and healthy way to get your dog back to feeling great.
  • VERSATILE - Not only will this electric flea-removal doggie comb get rid of fleas, but it also works on various lice and lice eggs, as well as dandruff.
  • CONVENIENT - Because this device is compact, you can take it with you anywhere you go to quickly clean your dog of potential fleas before they manifest.


  •  1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Electric Flea-Removal
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