Flexible Bath Dog Comb Deshedding Cleaning Massager

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Flexible Bath Dog Comb is reduced shedding, allergies, strengthens the bond with your dog, and will keep monitoring his health. The bathing glove can be operated entirely with one hand, making it easy to use both hands to control your pet, reach for soap/towels and toggle the flow of water. The brush design has many features and is the only pet brush that you will ever need! This multi-functional brush can do it all including brushing, deshedding, massaging, cleaning, & exfoliating. What's more is that the Furbliss brush can be used both wet and dry and is the perfect brush for bath time!

Washable Dog Bath Brush will remove dirt and odor, keeping your furry friend healthy, and remember is recommend bathing your dog at least weekly whenever he gets dirty or smelly. This Bathing glove made of high elasticity silicone, silicone tips provide a gentle relaxing massage, and it is more durable. This cat brush is ultra-soft, safe, comfortable, and durable. This brush is equipped with two soft silicone brush heads of standard and dense bristles, allowing you to easily open two cleaning modes to meet the pet's hair volume.

  • Features an ergonomic bottle shape, and two Brush Heads with soft teeth for efficiency and convenience.
  • The ergonomic design works well for everyone.
  • This brush is also super compact and easy-to-use, which makes it all the handier to have near the pet bath.
  • Completed with an ergonomic bottle shape reduces the risk of hand cramping or slipping.
  • You can keep a good grip on the tool- even if your pet starts slipping and sliding.
  • Having some fun in the water!


  • Material - Plastic
  • Plastic Type - ABS

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