Rex's Fun Knot Rope

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Rex's Fun Chew Know Rope
The Dental Chew Knot Rope Toy is an easy way to help clean your dog's teeth. Each rope is made with 100% cotton. Your dog's teeth get flossed and his gums massaged during an interactive game of tug, fetch, or when he's on his own tearing and chewing away at the rope. If only flossing teeth for humans was so easy and fun. The colorful design is likely to attract a dog's desire to bite these Chew Dog Toys, efficiently in cleaning tartar and reducing dental calculus. Great toy for dogs, puppy training, daily exercise, suitable for indoor and outdoor play.
Cotton Dog Chew Toys are great for teeth cleaning, chewing, and grinding teeth, your puppies would like to play with these rubber rope balls instead of chewing clothes and slippers. This Dental Knot Rope Toy is excellent to promote interaction with your pets when playing games with your dogs with these colorful balls, enrich your dog's lives. These Colorful Dogs Pull Toys are safe, durable, and tough toys for dogs.
  • Playtime keeps dogs physically and mentally smart.
  •  Fun dog toys provide your pet with physical exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Dogs love new toys! These toys are made of high-quality 100% cotton, durable, safe, and nontoxic.
  •  Focus dog pet toys are the best choice, occupied to prevent he/she damaging your furniture.
  •  The rope chew toys featured solid knots that help clean the dog's teeth and improve dental health.
  •  These cotton rope dog toys can easily keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and healthy.


  • 1 Set x Rex's Fun Knot Rope
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