Rex’s Kitten Friends Fun Tumbler Toy

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Fun Tumbler Slow Food Entertainment Toys 

You can fill the snack dispenser of this cat toy to give your lovely rex treats while it’s playing or when it’s tired. When the cat turns the treat dispenser feeder around with its paws suddenly or constantly, the kitten snack you once filled in will come out of the side hole as a treat for the cat. With this your rex can turn, jump, chase, look around and stimulate physical and mental movement while getting its favorite snacks as treats, which will keep it busy for hours! This simple yet interesting interactive cat toy combination requires no battery, and is high-quality and durable, it can withstand years of heavy-duty play and use. It can also play and interact with your rex when you are busy or not at home and keep it company. This funny tumbler toy is the ideal choice to make your rex happy, lively, energetic, and healthy.


  •  TOP MATERIAL - High-quality material made of plastic, which is strong, wear-resistant, and durable, and can be played by multiple cats at the same time.
  • ATTENTION ADJUSTABLE - Compared with regular cat toys, they extend the hunting difficulty and time. Adjustable buckles enable this toy to fit different sizes of cats' treats and food, and also control the speed of food outflow.
  • KEEP PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTHY - Release the cat’s pressure and anxiety to keep mentally and physically healthy while exercising.
  • PERFECT DESIGN - A built-in track is designed in the center and outside of the toy. There are two interactive cat balls on the track that can rotate freely back and forth. The multiple designs can better attract the cat's interest in playing.
  • EASY TO SUE - Just insert the plastic rod into the lid(Can switch between feathers or plastic ball), and just twist to open, put treats inside, lock it. Then your cat can be happy playing while enjoying a delicious treat.


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Kitten Friends Fun Tumbler Toy
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