Rex's & Friends Elegante Chain

Gold Plated Chain Pet Collar
Rex's & Friends Elegante Chain has High-quality materials. This collar is Golden but light with plastic material. It is a Hip-hop style that will make your pet elegant and funny. It is An interesting collar that makes your pet eye-catching. This collar is Also an identified necklace. Gold High Polished craftsmanship makes the surface shiny and smooth and comfortable; we believe your Dog will be proud to wear this Collar. When your dog baby wears this dog collar with diamonds, it will be issued when walking in the sun The shining light is very beautiful.This Identified Safety Collar is a Hand-polished stainless steel chain with high strength and toughness, heavy, durable, will not rust or tarnish, ensuring many years of use. It is an Adjustable dog or puppy collar, punk style, gold plated. This collar is a pitbull collar martingale dog collars thick and light, super for cat dog pets photoshoots. It's bling. Funny and amazing pet neck accessories for your adorable dogs. It'll help you gain tons of compliments from your friends, your neighbors, or another passerby.
  • HIGH QUALITY- Stainless steel golden but light with plastic material.
  • GOOD PARTNER - Hip-hop style will make your pet elegant and funny.
  • AMAZING BENEFITS - Hand polished chain, that can be used also for the identified. necklace.
  •  EXCELLENT PAY TOY - Interesting collar will make your pet eye-catching


  • 1 Set x Rex's & Friends Elegante Chain
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