Rex’s Feline Friends Laser Toy

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Interactive LED Cat Laser Toy for Rex’s Feline Friends
Chasing a quick laser around the living room is a tough job! It requires you to be nimble, quick, and always ready to pounce. That is why Rex doesn’t even try. He just leaves this LED cat laser to his feline friends to play with. And you know what? They LOVE it! Rather than allow your cat to roam the house looking for some trouble to get into, this LED cat laser will keep them occupied for hours. The best part is that cats love the challenge of chasing the laser. 

Keep this LED cat laser up high so the cat cannot knock it down, and then place it wherever your cat likes to play—the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, anywhere! Because it is so versatile, it can turn any surface into a play place. And if you are taking a trip somewhere with your cat, don't forget to pack this LED cat laser so they can be entertained wherever you go! 

  • INTERACTIVE - Cats love a challenge. It’s in their DNA. This LED cat laser will keep them engaged and challenged over and over again. And they’ll love the fun!
  • VERSATILE - Turn any surface—hardwood floors, carpet, tables, beds, couches—into a place to play with this LED cat laser.
  • HANDY - This LED laser does not just sit on tables. Pick it up and use it in handheld mode when you want to get involved in playtime!
  • PORTABLE - Traveling? Because this LED cat laser is so compact, it can easily be packed away and taken anywhere your cat is going.
  • 1 Set x Rex’s Feline Friends Laser Toy
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