LED Jumping Joggle Vibrating Ball Animal Toy

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LED Jumping Joggle Vibrating Jump Ball Toy

Vibrating Jump Ball Toy is made of high-quality plastic, safe and pollution-free, will not harm the health of babies. You can play games with your baby, exercise your children's cooperation ability, cultivate sports hobbies. There are many corners on the ball, which are convenient for kids to play and can exercise their grasping ability.

LED Jumping Joggle Light can make pleasant music, which encourages children to explore and recognize new things and stimulate their interest in learning. This LED Jumping Light is Infants and young children have strong imitating ability. Seeing the music and dancing machine dancing can stimulate their curiosity, and then they can jump, jump, dance, and crawl along with them.

  • This toy uses the AA battery (unincluded)as the power.
  • This bouncing ball built with a strong cage and rubber exterior for durability.
  • Adopting the rubber to make, it has a soft and comfortable touch while is resistant to bite.
  • Playing with toys can help dogs to relieve the pressure and get more exercise.
  • It flashes colorful LED lights while bounces around. It can make music and dance with beautiful lights when pressing the button.
  • It prevents unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiousness.


  • Type - Bouncing Ball
  • Features - Sounding
  • Diameter - About 11cm/4.33"
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