Rex’s Indestructible Chew Bone

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Indestructible Dog Bone Natural Non-Toxic 
The most useful chew toy for your Rex. Which will keep your Rex away from anything else. Our Dog Bone Chew is the close to perfect long-lasting high protein dog chew! The dog chew bone is shaped for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can grab it quickly and get a good chew. Your rex will love this delicious all-natural dog treat. Produced 100% natural, the chewing stick is a toy composed entirely of natural wood for dogs who like to chew or chew. Satisfy your puppies' natural urge to chew as they freshen their breath, scrape their teeth, massage their gums, and stay happy and busy. Chews help ease boredom and discourage destructive behavior. Show your heavy chewer where to direct their energy with this safe, tasty, and long-lasting option.

  •  ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - Made of fiber, eco-friendly food grade B, sustainable, renewable natural resources. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for your dog!
  • IMPROVES DENTAL HYGIENE - Chews can help clean your dog's teeth and massage gums, effectively promoting oral health, grinding away plaque, and loosening tartar in hard-to-reach places.
  • MAKE THEM HAPPY - Chomping is a natural behavior in all dogs. It helps ease emotions, discourages destructive behavior, and makes for a more entertaining experience.
  • SIZE COMPARISON - We recommend choosing a size larger than the width of your dog's mouth. Proper supervision is advised. Ensure that your dog has strong teeth and is replaced after reasonable wear.
  • 1 x Rex’s Indestructible Chew Bone
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