Rex's Portable Camp Tent

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 Portable Canopy Pet Bed for Camping
 When we take our Rex camping during the dog days of summer (pun intended), we never leave home without his favorite portable canopy pet bed. We, humans, have tons of ways to keep cool or shaded or protected from the sun in the summer: put on sunscreen, wear a hat, set up an umbrella or awning, or even drink a cool beverage. Dogs, with their often long and thick fur, do not have the same capabilities. That’s why you need to take extra steps on the hot summer days to keep your dog cool and comfortable. 
This portable canopy pet bed is perfect for those people who are always on the go in the summer. Packing into a small carrying case, it can go with you anywhere and sets up quickly and easily so that your dog can relax in the shade anytime they need to!

  • EASY SETUP - Setting up this portable canopy pet bed could not be easier—simply unfold it and pop it up!
  • KEEPS PETS COOL - With complete shade coverage, this portable canopy pet bed will surely keep your furry friend cool and protected from the sun’s heat.
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - Pack it up into a small carrier bag. Fits in any car. Perfect for traveling!
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Constructed with the strongest and longest-lasting materials, this will be the only portable canopy pet bed you will ever need!
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Whether your dog is big like Rex or a little one, there is a size perfect for their comfort.
  • 1 x Rex’s Favorite Portable Canopy
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