Rex's Anxiety Sweater Vest

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 Thundershirt Coat To Keep Calming 

Anxiety Vest Jacket helps get your "Rex's" out of "Petrified"! With this Thundershirt Coat, you can make your own Anxiety vest to help relieve your dog’s anxiety. The sad reality is that too many dogs suffer anxiety problems in a variety of situations, including storm days, fireworks, traveling, or visiting the vet, among others. The dog anxiety vest technique is pretty similar to the concept of a mother holding her baby for reassurance. 

Dog anxiety vests make your rex feel like being in your arms all the time and make him feel cozy and protected. The worry top made of extra fabric is durable and machine washable material makes it very easy to care for. Anxiety Vest Jacket uses gentle and constant pressure to calm your rex for all types of anxiety, fear, and nervousness. It already helps millions of dogs. 


  • FEELS LIKE A MOM'S HUG - The Anxiety Sweater is an effective, natural, chemical-free wrap that relieves most dogs' anxiety symptoms by applying gentle, firm pressure to a pet's torso and relieving their fears. 
  • SOFTEST COMFORTABLE - The worry top made of extra fabric is comfortable and breathable, lightweight, and soft to the touch, so it won't hurt your four-legged friend's skin even wearing it all year round. 
  • ANXIETY RESISTANCE TREATMENT - Calm will vest effectively be useful to reduce your dog's anxiety through fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more with the lack of training or medicine until the dog stays free of drugs. Great for rescue dogs.
  • EASY TO WEAR AND CARRY - Without any complicated straps or buckles, apply in minutes, and flaps adjust freely to make a perfect fit, and it also helps with anxiety, constant barking, jumping, and hyperactivity. This simple technique of stress has been scientifically proven to keep animals calm in the same way as cutting distressed babies.


  • 1 x Rex's Anxiety Sweater Vest
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