Rex's Little Friend's Traveling Car Seat

$51.99 $103.98
Waterproof Foldable Car Seat for Rex’s Little Friends

When Rex's friends travel in the car, they like to travel in style. A waterproof, foldable doggie car seat is the perfect way for them to do that. For your dog, these foldable doggie car seats are a safe way to travel. Because they latch securely to your car's seat, you never have to worry about your dog's safety. They are also the most comfortable way to ride in the car.
 As a dog owner, these foldable doggie car seats could not be easier to use. Because they are waterproof, if your dog gets into the car after the beach or the pool or after a rainstorm, your car’s seats will be protected. And because they are foldable, it is easy to work around them when your dog is not in the car, so they don’t take up any extra room. It’s a win-win for dog owners!


  • SAFE & SECURE -  Fastens easily and securely to your car’s seat so that your dog’s safety—always the number one priority—is guaranteed.
  • COMFORTABLE -Your dog will be riding like a king (or queen) in this foldable doggie car seat, giving them the most comfortable ride of their life.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Choose your favorite color between the black, red, blue, pink, or gray options. Prefer some more style? There are also polka dot designs available.
  • GENTLE ON CAR SEATS - Some doggie car seats can damage the fabric inside the car, but this foldable doggie car seat is designed to be gentle on your car’s fabric.
  • 1 x Rex's Little  Friend's Traveling Car Seat
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