Rex’s & Buddies Favorite Backpack

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Pet Dog Hands-Free Carrier & Travel Backpack Bag
We love our boy Rex, but he sure can be heavy! Sometimes we wish we could just put him in a bag on our backs and go! Our boy is too big, but he did find one that works great for all of his small furry friends. Our double shoulder portable travel backpack is perfect for adventures on the go. This backpack is made of comfortable and breathable mesh with everything you need to securely take your little friend with you on your adventures.
With a drawstring space for your pet’s head, this ensures they can get a good look at the action wherever you go, while safely seated in the comfort of your bag. With two sizes available, this carrier works for multiple-sized pets. An adjustable strap helps the bag fit just right. You can choose from five different color options to match your pet’s style and personality! When you arrive at your destination, the loop at the top allows for easy hanging and storage. 
  • COMFORT - Made of breathable mesh fabric, this bag is perfect for long walks and hot weather. Your little friend will enjoy the cushioned seat as they ride in style!
  • CONVENIENCE - An easy-to-access drawstring opening and zipper pocket make it so easy to open and insert your pet, then ensure they are secure and snug before heading out.
  • STYLE - Select your favorite from multiple color options! The sporty design lets your pet ride in style.
  • SAFETY - The drawstring enclosure makes sure your little friend is tucked in just right so they can remain close to you and secure at all times.
  • 1 Set x Rex’s & Buddies Favorite Carrier Backpack
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