Rex’s Favorite Automatic Water Bowl

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Has life gotten so busy that you fail to notice the state of your pet’s water dish, and then one day REALLY get a closer look, only to be shocked at what you find? Debris, pet hair, food residue… the list goes on! If only our pets could remind us to clean out their water dish every day so that they can enjoy the same pure, clean water that we get to drink.
Well, now they don’t need to! Introducing the automatic water dispenser, made for both cats and dogs. Rex loves his new clean water dish, and we know your pet will too! This water bowl isn’t your average water bowl, it’s the water bowl of the future!

Its sleek design blends in seamlessly with any room, and its built-in filter automatically cleans and purifies your pet’s water supply. You can rest easy knowing that your pet always has access to clean water to keep them hydrated and healthy. 

  • SLEEK MODERN DESIGN - This bowl is lightweight, minimalistic, and adds a touch of the future to any room!
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Choose from our three color choices - white, green, and pink.
  • SIZE & SHAPE -The sleek design makes it easy to place anywhere your pet desires! This measures 20cm x 15.3cm. Its wide top opening allows your pet to access water from any angle. The bowl holds 2.5 liters.
  • SILENT - A silent water pump allows for quiet water filtering and will allow your pet to feel calm and at ease while drinking.


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Automatic Water Bowl

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