Rex's Favorite Portable Brush & Hairdryer

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Portable Brush & Hairdryer
Rex loves to look and feel his best—wherever he goes. That's why this 2-in-1 portable dog brush and hairdryer was the perfect device. German Shepherds, like so many other dog breeds, have a ton of hair. That means constantly brushing them and bathing them. Now, this easy-to-use portable dog brush and hairdryer allows you to keep your dog groomed and clean wherever life takes you. To make it even more enjoyable to use, it has a noise-free feature that will keep your dog calm through the process, and its overheat protection means you will always be brushing and drying your dog safely. This device could not be easier to use: Simply plug it in, choose the mode that you need to use, and then get to work! Trust us, your pup will be glad you made this purchase—and so will you!
  • 2-IN-1 - This electric, portable device is both a dog brush and hairdryer, so you can easily do both with one simple tool.
  • PORTABLE - Easily take this portable dog brush and hairdryer with you on the go, so grooming your dog is easy and enjoyable wherever you are.
  • SAFE AND EASY - With features like a noise-free design and overheat protection, this is the safest and easiest portable dog brush and hairdryer on the market.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COUNTRY - Need this portable dog brush and hairdryer for everyday use? Need it to take with you on a vacation in the UK or elsewhere in Europe? Choose the electrical outlet that you need.
  • 1 X Rex's Favorite Portable Brush & Hairdryer
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