Rex’s Favorite Portable & Drinking Bowl Combo

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Portable Dog Water Bottle with Drinking Bowl Combo

With Rex, there is no rest for the weary! First, he plays hard, and then it’s time to hydrate and do it all again. That is what Rex loves to do when he is running around the yard with his other doggie friends. But on the hot summer days, he gets tuckered out and needs some water. When we discovered this portable dog water bottle with a built-in drinking bowl, it changed our lives! Now, whenever we leave the house, we always make sure Rex’s portable dog water bottle is filled up and in our bag. When he needs a drink, it’s as easy as squeezing the water from the bottle into the drinking bowl and letting him lick it up—and then get back out there and keep playing!


  • EASY TO USE - Simply fill the portable dog water bottle before you leave the house. When you are ready to give your dog a drink, squeeze the water from the bottle into the drinking bowl. It’s that easy!
  • PROMOTE DOG HEALTH - Always make sure your dog is properly hydrated—never leave home without this portable dog water bottle!
  • PORTABLE - A convenient size, this water bottle can easily slip into a bag or even clip onto the side.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - This portable dog water bottle comes in gray, blue, and pink so that you can choose your favorite.


  • 1 x Rex’s Favorite Portable & Drinking Bowl Combo
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