Rex’s Favorite Slow Feeder

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Slow Down Eating Feeder Dish Bowl
Our boy Rex LOVES to eat, and can hardly contain his excitement when we put his food down! The second the dish hits the floor, he pounces and goes to chow down. We love his enthusiasm, but don’t like the aftermath his speedy eating causes - tummy troubles, choking, and weight gain. After some searching, we found the perfect solution - this slow dog feeder!
 Available in a multitude of colors and patterns, this slow-down feeder has raised ridges that form complex mazes, providing a barrier for your pet’s mouth and forcing them to reduce their pace while eating. Not only does it present a fun challenge for your pet to get to their food, but it also provides several health benefits!

This feeder slows down your pet’s pace of eating which prevents choking and vomiting and prevents bloating and canine obesity. The dish also is made from food-safe materials, prevents food spillage and sliding, and is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning! Whichever pattern you choose, know that you’ll be giving your pet a fun and exciting way to eat their meal while simultaneously promoting long-term health benefits!


  • YOUR PET’S HEALTH - Deep mazes and ridges slow your pet’s pace while eating, leading to improved digestion and decreased bloating and vomiting, and preventing canine obesity.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - This dish comes in multiple shades of beautiful pastels, helping your dish stand out to your pet when it’s time to eat.
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATTERN - Patterns range from butterfly shapes to raised pet paws, to swirls and mazes, providing fun puzzles and challenges while they eat.
  • EASY TO CLEAN -This feeder is dishwasher safe and so easy to wash daily!
  • MATERIALS -This is made with food-safe materials and designed to prevent spillage and slipping. 


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Slow Dog Feeder 
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