Rex’s Favorite Sofa Mat

 Pet Sofa Bed Mat
Does your pet like to take naps, just about anywhere? Now they can be super comfortable and cozy with this convenient portable pet bed. This pet bed is made of the softest fabric, this pet bed is a cushioned mat with raised edges for head and paw support. This universal bed fits multiple sizes of pets and can be placed virtually anywhere for your pet’s convenience. You can lay it outside for your pet so that they can take a warm sunny nap, place it in the trunk or back seat of your car for naps on the go, or place it on your couch or bed so your furry friend can have their very own bed to sleep on but still sleep close to you!  

This pet sofa mat comes in multiple colors and three different sizes. It has a non-slip sticky bottom layer with your pet’s comfort in mind so it does not move around as they snooze. This warm and cozy bed has head and neck support so your pet can nestle down and feel safe. Give your pet the gift of comfort and security so they always have a special spot to dream.  


  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Select your favorite color from our selection of coffee, pink, dark grey, or light grey.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - This portable mat bed comes in three sizes, Small (70x70cm), Medium (84x84cm), or Large (100x85cm)
  • COMFORT - Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, this cushioned bed provides head and neck support and a non-slip bottom surface to prevent slipping.
  • CONVENIENCE - This mat bed is lightweight, can roll up, and is easy to take on the go for naps while traveling. This fits on any couch, bed, floor space, outdoor space, or in the trunk or back seat of your vehicle.


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Pet Sofa Bed Mat
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