Rex’s Favorite Doggie Chew Toy

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Rex’s Favorite Doggie Chew Toy for Treats and Clean Teeth 
Not very often will Rex let us sit down and brush his teeth without putting up a fuss. We had to get creative. Then we discovered this doggie chew toy that doubles as a treat dispenser and—the best part—triples as a way to helps dogs maintain clean teeth. Rather than trying to shove a toothbrush in his mouth frequently, Rex can keep his teeth clean by using this doggie chew toy regularly. And when he's good, we throw in some treats with it. It helps keep doggie teeth clean through its patented design. The teeth on the doggie chew toy help to clean the dog's own teeth as they chew. You can also add toothpaste if your dog will tolerate it, but it is not required. As a reward, you can also pull off the lid and fill the doggie chew toy with food or treats, letting your dog work hard to earn their prize. 


  • CLEANS TEETH - This patented design is a creative way to keep your dog's teeth clean without having to hassle with an old-fashioned toothbrush
  • REWARDS GOOD BEHAVIOR - Dogs have a way of getting into trouble with their chewing. This doggie chew toy trains them to chew on the right things by rewarding them with hidden treats inside.
  •  HIGH-QUALITY - Made with the highest-quality materials, this doggie chew toy is not only safe to use but will also last years.
  •  CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Choose your favorite color between the blue, green, teal, and pink color options.


  •  1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Doggie Chew Toy
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