Rex’s Favorite Pet Grooming Comb

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Pet Grooming Shedding Tools & Hair Removal Comb Brush

Rex sure does shed a lot, especially in the summer heat! That’s why we use this pet hair removal comb with him to help release stubborn knots and remove layers and layers of his thick dog hair. Rex loves how it feels to have his fur combed, and this product’s 10 razor-sharp hardened steel serrated blades can tackle any clumps of his dog hair! He loves it so much that he has shared it with his cat friends, and they love it too!

This comb works great to remove extra unwanted layers of pet hair and can be used on long or short-haired pets. The serrated blade design untangles even the most unmanageable mats and clumps of pet hair. It works so well to give your pet a “just left the groomer” fur coat, and maintains the length of your pet’s fur. This high-quality pet grooming comb can come in sizes small or large, with the large size featuring one side of blades made for detangling and the other side made for thinning hair. This high-quality pet grooming comb is the perfect tool to have handy when your pet’s fur starts to look a little messy after hours of rough and tumble play. You can choose from two colors - pink or blue, depending on what your furry friend prefers! 
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - This come comes in two lovely pastel shades of pink or blue.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - You can choose between small or large, with the large size providing a double-sided feature.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN -This comb has an ergonomic non-slip grip to make combing your pet’s fur comfortable and easy.
  • DURABLE - This sturdy and long-lasting comb has hardened steel blades that can withstand even the toughest fur clumps and knots!
  • 1 x Rex’s Favorite Pet Grooming Comb 
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