Rex's & Friends Hair Remover

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Pet Hair Remover For Laundry
We sure do love snuggles with Rex, but his hair can really stick to everything! It seems that no matter how much we wash our clothing, we just can’t seem to get every last hair off of each garment. Lint rollers help somewhat, but after a while, we run out of sheets! We’ve been on the hunt for something special to keep those stubborn hairs off of our clothes, and we’ve found the purrrrfect solution! Introducing the new Reusable Pet Hair Remover Tool.  This tool is made of sticky silicone and catches every last bit of pet hair and dust. Available in the cutest paw print shapes, you can choose from yellow, green, or a two-pack of yellow and green. This silicone paw is practically magic when it comes to removing your pet’s fur and dust particles. Just swipe it across your garment and voila - as good as new! The best part: you can throw it in the washing machine, set it out to air dry and it is ready to be used again, over and over. This never loses its magic so you don’t need to waste your money on products that run out of their “stick”! 
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - Select your favorite from our two colors: yellow or green. Or buy a two-pack and get both in one!
  • MULTIPLE USES - This can be used to remove pet hair from your clothing, furniture, and more!
  • EASY TO USE - The flexible silicone allows the device to bend and access multiple surfaces and fit into any space for your cleaning needs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Just rinse, throw in the washing machine, air dry and you’re done! SO easy and you can use it over and over again. It never loses its wonderful quality!


  • 1 x Rex's & Friends Hair Remover

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