Rex's LED Light Flash Ball

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Rolling Flash Ball 
The purpose of a rechargeable luminous ball is to keep your rex entertained by chasing it around and having fun. Our Laser Ball will keep your rex's busy once activated. The laser will keep pulling your rex's attention and help them stretch & train their reflexes. Luminous Ball keeps your rex occupied while you finish your daily chores. Cats love moving prey, and we assure you the ball will have their undivided attention.
The luminous rex ball activates from the press of a button, is self-rolling, changes direction automatically, and it will shine the red light to catch your kitty's attention. It also comes with a charging cable, has a durable battery which makes overall operation convenient. While the laser in the ball certainly piques a cat’s interest, it’s the addition of a magnetic feather that can be attached to the ball if desired that will only add to their excitement. 
  • SELF-ROTATING - The ball shape and self-balancing system enable the ball to move freely in a very unpredictable way.
  • DURABLE AND SAFE - Made of high impact ABS plastic, wear-resistant and non-toxic, won't break or even hit the wall, durable and safe for your pets.
  • MORE EXERCISE FOR HEALTH - Chasing around the LED cat tracker helps indoor cats and dogs get more exercise, improve their immunity, reduce obesity and kill boredom when the owner is not around.
  • ATTENTION - The flashing ball can draw your pets' attention and stimulate their natural hunting instinct. Also, it is an interactive toy to promote interaction between you and your cat.
  • CAT'S BEST TOY - The primary purpose of this pet electronic toy is to stimulate hunting instincts and have fun. Please use this auto-rolling cat ball on smooth floors, such as hardwood floors, tile floors, or thin carpet. 
    • 1 Set x Rex's LED light Flash Ball
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