Rex’s Favorite LED Collar Light

Pet Night Safety Waterproof Hands-Free 
Our boy Rex loves to play outdoors, and he is so fast that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with him! We worry about losing him, especially when it gets dark outside. That’s why we love his new LED collar light! Available in multiple colors, this light pendant clips right on to any collar and has 3 different settings. Click it once for a bright color light setting, click it twice for a flashing strobe light, and click it a third time for a different pace in flashes. This pendant helps you easily identify your pet at night and keep them safe. 
These beautiful pendants are very bright and the perfect size for any collar. You can use them with animals of any kind! A long-lasting coin battery is included, and it is so easy to replace the battery when it is time to do so. The pendant is attached to your pet’s collar with a solid metal ring that ensures the pendant will remain attached and not get lost. You can’t predict unexpected traffic, bikes and pedestrians, but with this pendant you can always make sure your pet is safe and accounted for at night!
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR -Select your favorite from the color options—pink or yellow.
  • SAFETY FIRST - You’ll always have eyes on your pet and will never lose them at night thanks to the vibrant LED flashing light.
  • CONVENIENCE - These come with a universal clip to buckle into any pet’s collar, no matter their size, and the solid ring ensures that it remains attached to your pet.
  • EASY TO USE - This pendant is so easy to clip onto your pet and use—simply click the pendant to select the mode you would like for your pet.


  • 1 x Rex’s Favorite LED Collar Light
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