Rex’s Favorite Travel Seatbelt Clip

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Pet  Adjustable Safety Harness Car Seat Belt

Rex loves long road trips with his furry friends, but man those car rides can be bumpy! That’s why we always make sure to bring along these travel seatbelt clips for all of Rex’s smaller friends when we go on road trip adventures together. Those abrupt skids and unexpected activated brakes have nothing on our secure seatbelt clip that keeps your smaller pet fastened safely no matter what your driving adventures may hold. These colorful seatbelts have a 2cm x 4cm clip that attaches to any car seat buckle, allowing your little furry friend to remain safe and secure while riding with you in the car. These are specifically created for small to medium-sized pets. Clip them to your pet’s collar or to their safety harness. The universal clip attaches to just about anything, making it easy to keep your little friend in one place on your drive. 


  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Select your favorite from our variety of colorful clips.
  • SAFETY FIRST - You’ll never have to worry about your little loved ones riding in the back, knowing they are safe and secure as you drive along on your adventure.
  • CONVENIENCE - These come with a universal clip to buckle into any vehicle seat, and the extra sturdy metal clip at the other end can fasten to a leash loop or safety harness.
  • SMALL PETS IN MIND - Designed to keep your little sidekick safe and secure while you focus on the road ahead.
  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Travel Seatbelt Clip
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