Rex's Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl


Dog Float Valve Water Bowl

All that puppy play can leave a dog thirsty! It certainly happens with our Rex. Fortunately, he tried out this stainless steel pet water bowl and it quenched his thirst perfectly.

 Rex used to drink from an ordinary plastic water bowl, but it was constantly getting knocked around, spilling water all over the floor. The sturdy design of this stainless steel pet water bowl means the bowl always remains in place and keeps the floor clean and dry. Oh, and your furry friend will always have a full bowl ready to satisfy their thirst because this unique bowl has a connection to a water supply for automatic refilling.

🐾 High-Quality Materials: Most pet water bowls are made with the same plastic materials, but this 304 stainless steel pet water bowl is crafted with only the highest-quality metal.
🐾 Convenience: When your dog needs water, ensure there is always a full bowl with this convenience water bowl.
🐾 Long-Lasting: This stainless steel pet water bowl will stand the test of time, lasting your dog its entire lifetime. You can't beat that longevity!
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