Rex's & Friend Water Fountain

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Rex’s Favorite Automatic Dog and Cat Fountain Water Dispensing Pet Bowl 
Ordinary pet bowls are a thing of the past. Rex is hooked on this new state-of-the-art automatic dog and cat fountain water dispensing pet bowl. With water recycling through the filter and being pushed with a quality electric motor through the fountain, this automatic water dispensing pet bowl will keep the water flowing all day!The filters mean the water is constantly being refreshed, so your cat or dog is only drinking the purest water at all times. The fountain gives them a fun and interactive water dispensing pet bowl to drink from, which is far more entertaining than an ordinary pet bowl. And because your pet will love it, they will keep going back to stay properly hydrated.FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • FUN TO USE - Fun to Use: Don’t settle for an ordinary pet bowl when you could liven up your pet’s drinking experience with their own personal fountain.
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN - The filters keep the water clean. Simply replace the filter when it gets dirty and keep the freshwater flowing
  • STAY HYDRATED - A more interactive bowl means your dog or cat will keep coming back, keeping them drinking and hydrated
  • 1 x Rex's & Friend Water Fountain
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