Rex’s Favorite Collapsible Swimming Pool

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Rex’s Favorite Collapsible Pet Swimming Pool for Dogs

 Summertime just got a lot cooler! Introducing a new collapsible pet swimming pool for dogs, the best way to keep your furry friend refreshed in the dog days of summer.
 Because Rex is a big dog with a lot of fur, we knew he got very warm in the summer, so we looked for a way to cool him off. That is when we discovered this awesome collapsible pet swimming pool for dogs, and it could not have been easier. Simply set it up in the yard, fill it from the hose, and let your doggie splash around and cool off! When you are done with it, all you need to do is drain it, fold it back up, and store it.


  • EASY SETUP - Simply unfold the collapsible pet swimming pool and fill it! When you are done, drain it and store it.
  • HIGH-QUALITY - While most collapsible pools are made with thin, flimsy cardboard or other materials, this pool is constructed using thick, high-density fiberboard for strong, lasting sides.
  • REINFORCE - This pool has reinforced edges and a non-slip bottom so that your dog is always safe.
  • TWO COLORS - Comes in both red and blue—choose the color right for you!
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Big dogs (like Rex) need bigger pools. That is why it comes in different sizes.


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Collapsible Swimming Pool
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