Rex's Professional LED Light Nail Clipper

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 Rex’s Professional Pet Nail Trimmers for Both Dogs and Cats
When Rex would walk down the sidewalk, we used to hear the click-clack of his long nails. Then, when he would get excited and jump around, we noticed his nails scratching things, including our skin—ouch! Finally, we decided there had to be a better way of keeping his nails short without paying a groomer all the time. That’s when we discovered these professional pet nail trimmers. Trimming a dog or cat’s nails can be a difficult task, particularly if your pet is small. You also need to be very careful that you do not trim them too short since that can be super painful. Fortunately, these professional pet nail trimmers make keeping your pet’s nails short with a built-in LED light and a special magnifier so you can cut with precision. FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • MAGNIFIER - Keep a close eye on those little nails while you are working with this high-quality magnifier.
  • LED LIGHT - When working with cats or small dogs, this built-in LED light makes the nail-trimming process so much easier.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Cutting a dog’s nails too short can be very painful. These professional pet nail trimmers make it easy to cut to the perfect length.
  • SAFE - These professional pet nail trimmers are safe to use with dogs and cats of any size, plus they help keep everyone around the pet safe from getting scratched.
  • 1 x Rex's Professional LED Light Nail Clipper 
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