Rex’s Favorite Corner Comb & Massager

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Relaxing Cat Massage Brush Wall Corner with Catnip
Keep your cat busy and satisfied for hours with this corner comb and massager with catnip included! Does your cat have the energy to kill? Does he or she constantly ask for scratches, pets, and attention? This wall-mounted cat comb and massager is the perfect addition to your home, as it can be easily attached to the corner of any wall and keeps your cat occupied for hours. With sticky tape on the back, this comb can be mounted at any wall and at any height that works best for your cat. The soft spikes are set in a round design that allows your cat to reach them for the purrrrfect massage. 
This corner comb comes with added catnip, so your cat can enjoy the comfort and happiness that the catnip provides, while simultaneously getting a wonderful massage and grooming experience. The best part is that you never have to lift a finger! This corner comb is small and blends nicely to the walls of your home. It measures 12.7cm x 8.5cm and is perfectly designed for your cat’s convenience. The comb can be mounted to your wall with screws or with sticky tape based on your personal preference. The bright blue design will attract your cat so they can seek it out for independent use.
  • YOUR PET’S HEALTH & HAPPINESS - This comb ensures that your cat’s fur is always soft and detangled, and the added catnip provides emotional benefits.
  • CHOOSE YOUR MOUNT - You can mount this to your wall with sticky tape or screws - your choice! It is so easy to put up and takedown and does not damage your walls.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Small and subtle, this compact comb can be easily accessible for your cat no matter where it is placed.
  • EASY TO USE - The rounded shape and design make it easy for your cat to get the perfect massage from any angle.

  • 1 Set x Rex’s Favorite Corner Comb & Massager
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