Rex's Friends Cozy Tunnel

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Fun and Cozy Pet Tunnel for Rex’s Cat Friends  
Rex is a big dog with a lot of little friends, and this cozy pet tunnel is the best new play structure for all of his cat, bunny, and even ferret friends. Sadly, Rex is too big to squeeze inside himself, but he loves watching his small animal friends scurry through the tunnel, play with the dangling toys, and curl up on the soft, comfy bed.
Made with ultra-soft materials, this cozy pet tunnel is one of the most versatile items on the market. The tunnel itself can be curved in many ways, giving cats and other small pets a secretive hideout or a challenging run. Attached to the side of the tunnel is a cozy bed, with a hanging canopy above for additional privacy and seclusion. To top it off, this pet tunnel comes in an array of colors and is crafted with the strongest fabrics to ensure it lasts your pet’s lifetime.



  • COZY - Your pet will sink into the soft fabric and make this cozy pet tunnel their new favorite spot in the house!
  • INTERACTIVE & FUN - With a covered bed, a curving tunnel, and dangling play toys, your furry friend can rest and play in the same spot.
  • VERSATILE - What kind of small pet do you have? Cat? Dog? Ferret? Bunny? This cozy pet tunnel is perfect for all of them.
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Pet play is not always as soft as a pillow, and that’s why this pet tunnel is made with the strongest stitching and materials to make it last.
  • COLOR ASSORTMENT - This cozy pet tunnel comes in an array of colors and patterns, so it will surely match any room in the house.
  • 1 x Rex's Cozzy Friend's Tunnel 

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