Rex’s Cat Friends Windmill Toy

$16.99 $33.98
 Interactive Rotatable Windmill Cat Toy
 Stationary toys only go so far with cats. What really gets them excited to play are toys that challenge their skills and test their coordination. That is exactly what this windmill multi-use cat toy does—and all of Rex’s cat friends love playing with it!
When we say multi-use cat toy, we mean one of the handiest toys your cat will ever own. One moment it is an interactive spinning windmill game, the next it is training your cat to retrieve treats or helping them calm down, the next it is acting like a toothbrush to help keep your cat’s teeth healthy. Whatever your cat needs, this toy has it all to keep them engaged, entertained, and excited.
  •  TOOTH HEALTH - Putting toothpaste on the soft, safe spikes gives your cat the ability to keep their teeth clean and maintain strong tooth health.
  • ANTI- ANXIETY - With added catnip, this multi-use cat toy becomes a relaxation device for anxious cats.
  • PLAY FUN - As the windmill spins, your cat will have a ton of fun trying to catch it and get the treats out.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Whether blue, pink, yellow, or green, choose your favorite color!
  • SAFE - This multi-use cat toy is made from a soft, safe TPR material
  •  1 Set x Rex’s Cat Friends Windmill Toy
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