Rex’s Paw Cleaner Cup

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Portable Safety Dog Paw Cleaner Cup
There’s nothing worse than muddy paws all over your freshly cleaned home! After hours of fun playing outside, Rex’s paws collect mud, grass, rain, and more. When we go to the beach or the park, it’s next to impossible to remove all of the dirt and sand before he hops in the car! That’s why we love to use this paw cleaner cup with Rex. This cup is great for easy and thorough paw cleaning. Simply pour water into the cup, dip your pet’s paw inside, turn the cup and take the paw out. This cup has soft bristles inside that catch unwanted dirt particles and ensure your pet’s paws are clean and ready to go after hours of messy play! 
This cup is available in three sizes-small, medium, and large. You can choose your favorite from three colors: orange, blue, or green. The cup has a removable interior that can lie flat or be rolled up and placed inside the plastic cup. After washing your pet’s paws, use the included soft towel to dry each paw off. This portable paw washing system is compact and easy to bring with you on the go! You’ll never have to worry about messy floors from your pet’s paws again.
  • EASY-TO-USE DESIGN - This paw washing cup is so easy to use! Simply add water, dip your pet’s paw, and turn! It is made of plastic and is easy to rinse and wipe clean after use.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR - Choose from our three color choices—orange, blue or green.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE - Choose the size that fits your pet best: small (7.2cm x 9.3cm), medium (8.2cm x 11.2cm), or large (9.2cm x 15.2cm).
  • DOES THE JOB - This cup will thoroughly clean your pet’s paws, catching unwanted debris and then drying each paw before they step indoors.


  • 1 Set x Rex’s Paw Cleaner Cup

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